Energy-in-a-Box Solutions

These pre-built box solutions will contain every component, sundry, cable, manual and wiring diagram required to build your microgrid.

Microgrid Backup Solutions in a Box

Load Shed Buster: Computer UPS

Lowest cost UPS which is high quality and can scale with up-gradable battery banks. Pros are very neat and clean solution which is totally idiot proof and perfect for powering home electronics; also looks good and won’t look out of place in the lounge. Cons are that it will be expensive to upgrade, not able to be used for camping or integrated into future renewable set up.

Loadshed Buster UPS

Load Shed Buster: Inverter Power Pack UPS

Nice DIY UPS solution built with high quality components and perfect to power home electronics and can also be used for camping. Separate charger means charger can be used for other uses in the home, bikes, cars, etc. Battery can be integrated into future 48v system and is lead crystal. Cons are that is doesn’t look good and won’t fit into a lounge so needs custom housing and will need to live in garage or roof.

Petrol Generator

Available in a 5KW, 7KW and 10KW models.

LPG Generator

Plumb a generator running off clean burning LPG gas, directly into your gas cooking solution.

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Microgrid Stage 1 Solutions in a Box

Geyser Timers

Install the Geyserwise timer to reduce your water heating bill and turn off the geyser during off peak.

Pool pumps

Install a new energy efficient pool pump.

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Microgrid Stage 2 & 3 Solutions in a Box

 Hybrid Solar Inverter System

Lay a solid foundation to get off-grid and produce your own power.

Hybrid System

Retrofit Water Heating Solution

Coming soon!

Solar Water Heating Solution

Coming soon!

Evacuated Tube Water Heating Solution

Coming soon!

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