Produce Solutions

Microgrid Stage 1: Produce renewable energy

In the future quite simply everybody will be producing their own power. Its a matter of when you adopt. You need a few ingredients, a renewable energy source (solar, wind), a battery bank to store the power and some equipment to make this power useful in the home. Once you have put down a solid renewable energy foundation you can easily build onto it as your needs increase.

  • Cooking: Stoves are a no no for renewable energy sources, gas should be used where possible
  • Lighting: Once your bulbs are all LED power lights from renewable energy using almost no electricity
  • Water heating: Install solar geyser or evacuated tube water heater
  • Appliances: Modern appliances and electronics are all prime candidates for renewable energy
  • Pool pump: Replace pump with solar or connect up to large enough PV system




Microgrid Stage 2: Produce for almost everything

Producing enough energy for power hungry appliances like dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines requires significantly more solar panels and battery capacity; often making it prohibitively expensive to go build a stage 3 microgrid but for heavy electricity users or businesses there can still be a financial business case to make the upgrade.


 Microgrids Stage 1 & 2 Side by Side

Compare how the different microgrids stack up side by side against your budget and energy needs.