Backup Solutions

Figure out your backup power requirements…

Decide on your backup power requirements, whether you are producing renewable energy or relying on Eskom there may be circumstances where you have a black out. You may just want a few lights on, maybe you also want to watch TV, maybe you want absolutely no impact when there is a power failure or maybe you’re running a business and without backup power you cannot trade.

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Backup solutions focus on protecting your power supply during a outage or due to equipment failure.

Inverter Power Pack UPS

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Computer UPS

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Home Generator

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Industrial Generator

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Backup Solutions Side-by-Side

A UPS and a generator both serve very different purposes in your microgrid. A UPS is typically to survive short load shedding and protect sensitive equipment from power spikes and surges. A generator is designed to run indefinitely as long as it is refueled and can deliver far more power at a lower price point. Generators and UPS’ are commonly paired together in order to allow continuous uptime for electronic equipment when the power drops and while the generator starts up.